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International Admission
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Department of Information Technology(B.S.)
Tel: 886-4-23892088 ext.3722
Fax: 886-4-23895293

College of Information Science
Group: Information (Informatics)
International Admission: Bachelor

*Information to be mobilized and technology to human life” is our goal to incubate student’s R&D ability in mobile networks and to apply cutting-edge technology to daily life.

Research Focus:

*Emphasis on Both Theory and Practice:
Especially on the ability of logical thinking and the application of information technology which can be dedicated to their R&D careers after graduation.
*Exploitation of Specific Expertise:
Seniors will explore specific expertise in mobile network, digital systems and software engineering to complete the entire range of courses for information technology engineering.
*Practical Experiment Courses:
Student will conduct experiments in various courses, such as Digital Logical Experiments, Electronics Circuit, Micro-processor, Intellectual Build-in Design, to enhance student’s ability of experiment and validate.

The plan includes three phases:
*Phase One:(Freshman and Sophomores Level – Basic Foundation):
Early coursework in mathematics and computer science to ensure basic expertise.
*Phase Two:(Sophomore and Junior Level – Foster strength by experiments):
To emphasize both theory and practice in order to verify validity.
*Phase Three:(Senior Level – Specific expertise)
There are three major fields which include mobile network, digital systems and software engineering, which lead easily to graduate school.

*To combine theory with practice to cultivate talent in the information technology
industry and to facilitate a prosperous development of Taiwan’s IT industry.
*To encourage enterprises to cooperate with colleges and to strengthen inter-department research through integration and collaboration.
*To endeavor to improve communication among enterprises, government and colleges.

Entering Graduate School:
Our students can apply to domestic or overseas graduate schools in fields such as computer science, information technology, information education, network technology, electrical mechanism, and electronics engineering.

Our students can meet the requirements of the labor market, such as network engineers, system maintenance, MIS system engineers, software engineers or even apply for hardware equipment manufacturing and in other areas which need information technology services.


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