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As one of the top universities of technology in Taiwan, Ling Tung University is keen to bridge the gap between theory and practice, helping students put into practice what they have learned and expand their horizons.

The history of Ling Tung University can be traced back to the early 1960s. The former congressman, Dr. Ya-ping Tsai, and his wife, Dr. Min Lee, founded Ling Tung Junior College of Accounting in 1964. This educational institution located in Nantun District, Taichung City, Taiwan provided five-year business-related programs for junior high school graduates. In 2005, Ling Tung was successfully transformed into a university with a variety of four-year

Ling Tung University has four colleges, offering 15 undergraduate programs and 13 graduate programs. Undergraduate programs revolve around business management, design, fashion, and information science. Graduate programs focus on entrepreneur management, international business, finance and economics, fashion design, and visual communication design. Ling Tung University also provides evening programs for students who are interested in pursuing lifelong learning.

In order to facilitate international academic exchange and cooperation, Ling Tung
University has established sister-relationships with colleges and universities in America, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, P.R.O.C., Vietnam, and more. Students have been encouraged to further their studies in these partner universities.

In the past years, Ling Tung has made outstanding achievements in the National College Evaluations conducted by the Ministry of Education. Specifically, Ling Tung has ranked as an “A+ educational institution” among schools of the type for 10 consecutive years.
These honors and accomplishments are attributed to Ling Tung University’s dedication to high-quality teaching and its belief in continuous improvement.



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