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International Admission
Contact Info
Department of Fashion Design(B.Des.)
Tel: 886-4-23892088 ext. 3851-3852
Fax: 886-4-23895293
College of Design
Group: Architeccture and Design
International Admission: Bachelor

The Target:
Because of the combination of internationalization and technology in the fashion industry, there is a need to integrate all-directions in fashion , style formation and design in elements such as clothing, hair style, makeup and accessories, and to cultivate talented people in the areas of creative proposal and marketing promotion in fashion industry.

1.The curriculum of this department is based on the design of the humanities. In addition to paying attention to basal required design courses of theories and practical application, there are three primary curriculum points: costume design, beauty makeup & hair style, and business fashion. All are essential knowledge and are techniques in  the industry of fashion and style formation design.

2.This department also establishes the curriculum in "professional practicum". It  requires each student to practice outside of school in the related area. There is also additional curriculum: the proposal of the special subject in manufacturing technical ability, the practice in design and exhibition, creative proposal making, and the special subject for graduation. It tests the ability of student's coordination and creative design, and guides the student toward an easy examination in the related license area.

Research Focus:

Teaching Objectives
1.To educate in the concept of applying and integrating clothing, hair style and  hairdressing including the beauty of makeup and the mind of art designs. To educate people in professional fashion design as well as make them sensitive to current fashion trends.

2.By being educated in each of the following elements: technical practicum, manufacturing, special subject studies and creations, this will enable students to  perform their educational skills at a practical level.

3.To be able to interact and aggressively exchange with related departments  internationally and domestically, building cooperative relationships with them. To  educate the student so that they will be able to represent fashion both in Taiwan and internationally.

4.To encourage and guide the student to complete the examination for the license as  well as participate in domestic and international contests.

5.Hold an academic teaching seminar, hire a scholar of domestic and international  expertise to lecture, upgrade the students' learning field and open their minds.

6.The students will participate in off-campus activities, which will increase their  understanding of the education experience and the need of the industry, future trends, as well as encourage a learning atmosphere.

The direction of the development:

1.This department adheres to three principles: professional, technology, and international. Be aggressive using new software & hardware equipments in order to  influence international fashion trends. To cultivate talented people with profound abilities  in fashion product design, planning, production, management and marketing.

2.To establish a graduate program in Fashion Design in the 96 academic year, carry on to cultivate relationships with professional people with the abilities of R&D (Research and Development) and leadership in fashion industry.

3.The future project is to establish an academic research center both in fashion, culture  and design. To combine the resources both from domestic and foreign manufactures, both on campus and off campus. Increasing the integrating plan, carrying on project research and promoting research and development of new techniques.


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