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International Admission
Contact Info
Department of Digital Content Design(B.Des.)
Tel: 886-4-23892088 ext.3811-3812
Fax: 886-4-23895293
College of Design
Group: Architeccture and Design
International Admission: Bachelor

*2000. The Department of Communication Design was commissioned to recruit commercial and designing students.
*2001. August. The first two four-year classes for day school.
*2002. August. The first one two-year class for day school & one four-year in-service class for night school.
*2005. The first year of the graduate school of Digital Content Design

The Objectives:
To cope with the national development of digital content industry in Taiwan, this department combines the digital communication theory with practice to enhance the aesthetics feelings, skills and training in technological application, humanity and social awareness and concern. The purpose of our curriculum is to train and educate creative students whose prolific productions can sync with those in global digital communication design.

Research Focus:

Characteristics and Features:
1.In Central Taiwan area, we are the first established department who has four-year digital communication design curriculum.
2.We are the first department to integrate three different disciplines as in digital media technology, information system, communication, and design.
3.For three years, we have been commissioned TND 45 millions to establish and develop school features and professional classrooms.
4.We promote certifications and council students to attain the professional certifications.
5.We include off-campus internships in our curriculum, so that students are able to apply their theory in practice.
6.Students are required to complete graduate projects for their graduation and international contests, as well as for enhancing academic and industrial coordinations.
7.Students can attend exchange programs and have opportunities of attending re-known schools abroad.
8.We offer many free seminars and workshops.


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