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Department of Visual Communication Design(B.Des.)
Tel: 886-4-23892088 ext.3831-3833
Fax: 886-4-23895293

College of Design
Group: Architeccture and Design
International Admission: Bachelor

Educational Objectives

The Department of Commercial Design, founded in 1998, has been changed name to Dept. of Visual Communication Design since 2001.
The goal of the Dept. of Visual Communication Design is to cultivate a middle and higher class of visual communication designers with capabilities of advertising, packaging, display and layout in the graphic design area. The graduated students should develop into a comprehensive expertise and familiar with theory and practice combining technology and art. Successful students will be able to possess the knowledge and proficiency to contribute to integral societal development and to raise national economic competitive ability.

Research Focus:

Curriculum Planning

The curriculum is divided into college required courses, department required courses, and three specialized modules.
*College required courses:.
*Department required courses:
*Three specialized modules-
*Graphic Design Module: develop design ability of lay-out, practice functional modeling, buffering structure, printing and advertising.
*Drawing & Display Module: focus on painting, composition foundation, comic, as well as introduce computer-aided design software and build competencies.
*Multimedia Design Module: introduce multi-media deign issues and techniques, focusing on photography, digital music, image thinking & composition, dynamic painting, web-page design, film making and TV advertising design.

Instructional Characteristics
*Strong and multi-teacher organization: fourteen full-time teaching staff holding the rank of Assistant Professor or higher with five holding a Ph.D. The department of Visual Communication Design also organizes a multi-teacher team, which built up by the teachers with US, UK, Australia, France, Japan and Taiwan education background, to guide students an international design style.
*Specialized facilities and advance teaching: fifteen specialized laboratories, including “2D Cartoon Fabrication”, “3D Computer Animation Demonstration Classrooms”, and “Advanced Visual & Audio Media Integration Center”, complete the best design educational environment in Taiwan.
*Well industrial relationship: healthy communication and interaction between industries and the department create students in the visual communication design department opportunities to practice their design skills. These working chances allow students to develop their great design proficiency.
*Multimedia design and fine art approach: the department focuses on cultivating young designers with an international design prospect of elaborate multimedia design and integrating between computer and fine art.

Distinguishing Features
The Department of Visual Communication Design strives to get over an interactive relationship between industry, government, academy and research, as well as to concentrate on a media application of technology and fine art to achieve elaborate design and art appearance. The target is to make the department become an ideal place of educating students with specialized media design ability, computer and fine art integrating skill and omni-bearing international design philosophy.

Career Promotion
*Students seeking advanced education are able to enroll post-graduated design institutions such as visual communication design, commercial design, applied art and design creation in Taiwan and abroad.
*Students completing a bachelor’s degree have the competencies necessary to enter associated design business such as advertising, printing, packaging, photography, computer multimedia and film making to start their career.


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