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International Admission
Contact Info
Department of Finance(B.B.A.)
Tel: 886-4-23892088 ext.3611.3612.3642
Fax: 886-4-23895293
College of Finance and Economics
Group: Finance and Economics
International Admission: Bachelor

*Ultimate Goal
The goal of the Finance Department is to equip students to find jobs quickly upon graduation, or to put them in a position to pursue further study at the graduate level.
*Educational Goal
The educational goal of the Finance Department is to equip students with skills to plan, analyze, and execute tasks in the various areas of finance by linking professional theories and practical experience.

Research Focus:

*Foundational Areas
Economics, accounting, statistics, foreign languages, and technology information.
*Investment Courses
Investment, Financial Report Analysis, Security Investment Analysis, Security Exchange Practices, Fixed Income Securities, Financial Derivates, Real Estate and Investment Management, and Foreign Exchange Practices
*Business Courses
Finance, International Finance, Business Management, Tax Planning and Management, Risk Management, and Insurance Theory and Practice
*Courses in Financial Market
Money and Banking, Financial Market, Financial Institutes and Management, International Financial Market, Investment and Banking, Bond, Business Law, Financial Laws, Stock Exchange Laws, Banking Practices

Special Teaching Features
*The Department of Finance possesses the first Instant Stock Exchange Teaching System and Stock Exchange Simulation Lab in Taiwan. This lab provides students and teachers with a live stock exchange environment, wherein they may study the stock exchange in real time as it unfolds.
*The Department of Finance equips students with knowledge in business finance management, financial institution management, and finance derivates. To increase students’ abilities in critical thinking and research, the department also requires students to finish a group research project.
*To equip its students with the skills necessary for work in today’s internationalized finance market, the department requires students to learn communication skills and foreign languages.
*Student learning is facilitated through case studies as well as through visits to security companies and banks.

*To focus on the four-year program
*To strengthen the quality and quantity of faculty members
*To link theory and practice
*To strengthen teaching and learning resources
*To equip graduates for employment or further studies

Career Planning
*Further Study
Prepare Graduates for further study in finance, public finance, international trade, international business, business management, information management, insurance, economics, accounting, and other business related fields.
*Future Career
Help prepare graduates so they can pass government finance examinations, and so they can find finance jobs in the private sector.


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